The Rift Within

by Relevant Discord



The third of three singles recorded in October 2015 with Pettyjohn Electronics co-founder, Stephen Pettyjohn. Track features pensive and deeply emotive lyrics against an atmospheric piano and cello combo. The song features experimental and discordant string work as the song progresses.

The first single, "A Weak Defense" released on January 1, 2016. The second single, "The End of Silence," released on February 1, 2016. "The Rift Within" released on March 1, 2016.



Enter this winter of my discontent
A season recurring I long to forget
Of promises failing and backs that have turned
A lifetime of scars that were never deserved

See what’s become of a long winter night
Like a dense fog surrounding, I’m thirsty for sight
For I’m not where I should be as you look away
I guess I never mattered with actions you take
So I’m citing rejection; I’m citing betrayal
For this absence of care and this absence of faith
In a hope for redemption…a hope for a change
I’m adept incompletion and all it contains

Is there more….than this?
I need more….than this?

Through it all, will I ever play the pessimist (and)
As I run, will I run from everything I trusted?
Was I wrong when I thought we really shared potential?
Will I find, will I find a hope that is enduring?

(So,) I question your motives as you turn blind eyes
To what you devastate…to what you leave behind
But I’ll not be forgotten…for I’ll choose to rise
I’ll become more than memory locked in your mind

I will not be your martyr; I won’t be a slave
To this world you created…this one you can’t tame
I will be something more than what you hoped to be
I will find the completion you never would see

So as you’re nearing the end, as you’re nearing the grave,
Will you look back at your life and finally say,
“I wish things had been different; what have I become?
Is there a way to undo these things that I’ve done?
I am broken; I’m empty; I need something more
I am broken; I’m empty
I’m broken; I’m empty
I’m broken; I’m empty
I’m empty; I’m empty; I’m empty; I’m empty; I’m empty.”

©2007, ©2016 Nicholas Andrew Depew, Relevant Discord
©2007, ©2016 Changing Seasons Music (BMI)


released March 1, 2016
Label: Dynamic Wind Records, Incorporated
Produced by: Relevant Discord & Stephen Pettyjohn
Mixed by: Stephen Pettyjohn
Mastered by: Stephen Pettyjohn
Photography: Brian Gailey

Cello: Tommy Leinonen
Additional Guitar: Stephen Pettyjohn



all rights reserved


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Relevant Discord is a harmoniously dissonant rock band in the vein of Breaking Benjamin, Nine Inch Nails, Chevelle, Evanescence, and Apocalyptica. The band has worked with studio engineers and producers to Tool, System of a Down, Sublime, and Nine Inch Nails' live team. The band has made music headlines for holding a virtual tour and running as a protest political write-in candidate. ... more

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